Light Bird Enterprise

Artist Statement


Working with the qualities of glass, its transparency, its strength and its fragileness is both exciting and challenging to me. Having nature as a teacher sparks my inspiration, but looking at nature is not enough for me, I need to be in it, discover its secrets and work on creating some of the beauty from it.

I am currently working on two styles with kiln worked glass.

The seamless, floating style is supported with a metal frame. Both sides are finished, giving the work two pieces of art in one.

Working with the chemistry from different compositions of glass, produces special effects and reactions to each other. I am astonished each time I open the kiln. The effects are organic in nature and will range from subtle to dramatic. The variation of heat used during the firing process provides a nice range of textures. Stained glass techniques may also be worked into the piece.

Another style I design is best described as “open weave”, with the support from a finished wood frame.

Using a table saw, I cut grooves wide enough for the thickness of the glass, between three and eight grooves per frame. This method allows me to angle the glass and overlap, creating new color combinations. Hand hammered copper wire may also be used for a sense of movement.

The beauty of glass captivated me at a very early age, trying to hold the color beams steaming from stained glass windows and filling my fingers and arms with its magical light. In my early twenties I attended glass classes in my home town in Ohio. I have been self-employed and self-directed my whole life. To me education is a never ending journey

I moved myself to California in 1996 to expand my art career and brighten my life with sunny days. My art work has sold throughout the United States and internationally. Currently, my work is shown at my private studio in Chico and The Artery in Davis, Ca. where I have been a member since 2012. I have participated in many Open Studio Tours and holiday shows.


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